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Narendra Modi 7 Rules of Success Hindi Inspirational Speech

Narendra Modi 7 Rules of Success Hindi Inspirational Speech

Narendra Modi (Damodardas Modi) Indian prime minister and former chief minister of Gujarat. He is also the leader of the Bhartiya Janata party (BJP).He is the most influenced politician in Indian history. This Video Dedicated to such charismatic person Shri Narendra Modi.Modi always inspires the young generation to do more & His motivational speech, interviews, quotes, seminar very motivational.

Hope you like this Video (Composition)

Here are Narendra Modi 7 Rules of Success:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Work for Meaning Not for Money
  3. Focus on One thing
  4. Observe others and learn
  5. Organizational skills / Creative / Disciplined
  6. Stick to your Dream
  7. Work Hard – Set Benchmark

Here is Some Quotes From His Wisdom :

  1. We do not need ACTS  but Action.
  2. Once we decide we have to do something, we can go miles ahead.
  3. We are not here for any positions but for a responsibility.

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