5 Ways to be productive everyday and make your life Happier

5 Ways to be productive everyday and make your life Happier

5 Ways to be productive. We all have 24 hours a day you, me, Narayana Murthy,Amitabh Bachchan, rattan tata, MS Dhoni .The Question is How they achieve success and we don’t Because they know how to be productive.

Here are 5 Ways to be productive that can make you Productive

  1. Be Organised:

If you are organised you can manage your time effectively and produce quality work for your company.

Every morning makes TO-DO-LIST write everything you want to do today.

Like: client meeting buy grocery, go to the gym etc.

Make a plan for day

Divide your time for whole day work and how you can do all your work.

Prioritize Things

“Solve biggest problem first”. Assign work in order to hardest to easier because research says starting Hours of work very effective than other hours.


  1. Stay Focussed:

I think focusing on one thing biggest challenge for every individual and everyone going through this problem. So here is a solution for you.

Remove Distraction – At work place your biggest distractions are the mobile phone and social media these days. So don’t use in working hours.

Do one thing at a time: the truth is we can do one thing at one time. Don’t try to do multitask because you lose time and focus. To be truly productive people do one thing at one time and then move on to something else.

Keep Your Desk clean: If your desk is not clean you can distract every second. So keep your workspace clean and organised.


  1. Health is important in our life:

An only healthy person lives life fullest. Others things are important but nothing can be more important than health. So remember these 3 things:

Getting enough sleep: Being tired make you less productive.

Eat healthy food: The proper food or diet makes you energetic and positive. Don’t eat heavy meals.

Exercising: Exercise boosts your energy level and keeps you fit all through a day.

  1. Watch Performance and Improve:

Analyze yourself every week that help you to improve. If you are improving in your work, you are on right track otherwise you need to change. For this you can

Set goals and targets

Use analyzing tools

Get feedback from colleagues

  1. Stay Positive and Enthusiastic

In life, you need to motivate every day. Your positive attitude towards problems makes you different from other. Here are some ways to be positive.

Hangout with enthusiastic people

Read good books before sleep

Do meditation and Yoga

Celebrate your little success

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